This is a pinnacle moment for me not only as a runner, but as a creator. In 2 days as of writing this, I will embark on what I imagine will be the most challenging endurance adventure to date – The Squamish 50/50. But before that, on Friday August 15th, 2014, I will be releasing my very first album (and need your help spreading the word)!

Over the past few years, as The Ginger Runner brand has grown, I have focused a lot more of my energy and creativity on creating unique and innovative running films in addition to my reviews. This involved filming my races, filming training runs, documenting my adventures and editing the footage all together in an entertaining and engaging package for my viewers (and for myself!). I absolutely LOVE this process. There are a handfull runners who are able to shoot & edit, fewer with graphics & design backgrounds, and even fewer (if any) that compose their own music for their films. I’m really proud of that last one.

I started creating my own music long before I picked up a pair of running shoes. I remember when I was a child and would play the piano in my parents basement for hours on end with no proper training. Just hearing notes, emulating my favorite songs, creating chord progressions, basically expressing myself freely with no judgement. As I grew into my teens, I picked up various instruments and made them my sole focus. From trumpet & baritone to the instrument that got me the most work, the bass trombone. I even had the privilege to make money as a local bass trombone player around the Seattle area and got to sit-in on some of the most prestigious orchestras around. My secret dream was to be a film composer.

The older I got, the less the composer avenue seemed realistic. While I took plenty of music theory classes in college, I continued to pursue comedy & acting, digital design, filmmaking and art direction. Music continued to be an outlet for me – something I never gave up on – just on a more private scale.

When I started shooting and editing The Ginger Runner films, I would search out music that I loved from other artists. The original plan was to source as much indie music as possible but as that became less financially feasible, I started using some music I had been creating and seeing if it worked with my edits. I never looked back. Here is my first running film with music I composed:

[vc_video link=’′]

I was so excited to share my films with the world and secretly curious if anyone would notice the music. When I watch a film, the music has an incredible impact on my overall experience – viscerally & emotionally. While I never thought it’d be the focus of my films – I figured the visuals would dominate – I hoped perhaps someone would hear my beats and ask, “What’s the music?”.

I can’t tell you the countless hours I would waste trying to figure out music used in films, in commercials, on TV and elsewhere. I actually remember a Nike commercial starring Lance Armstrong (during the USPS team days)  that took weeks from my life in pursuit of the music’s origin (I would find out eventually the music was composed specifically for the commercial and not available to the public). I didn’t want this to be the case with my films. The more comments I saw all over my channel asking for the music grew to the point I knew I had & wanted to share the tunes with the world.

[vc_video link=’’]

This is the birth of “Grinds”, Ginger Runner’s (my) debut album. The title is an homage to a number of things: those moments when you’re grinding up a brutal climb at mile 48 of an ultra, the daily life we all lead in hopes of sustaining our endurance habit, and the methodology of how I composed the grinding beats as music you could run to or be inspired by. It’s orchestral with the occasional homage to some of my favorite composers (Philip Glass, Enio Morricone, Hans Zimmer) mixed with electronic and dance grooves that harken to some of my favorites (M83, Tycho, Ulrich Schnauss).

I wanted to release it on a Friday and the day before my biggest race(s) for a few reasons. I want you to download it and go for a big run with it this weekend. I want you to enjoy the music that I’ll be listening to as I grind up Galactic Schiesse (a mountain on the Squamish 50/50 course) both days. I want to share something big while I conquer something big. I want us all to share in the Grinds together!

I hope you enjoy the album! All of the tracks were composed for a specific race so each track already has a music video. And just know that by purchasing the album, you are supporting me in this Ginger Runner endeavor. Hell, if you could share this album all over social media, that would be even better. The best way to help me continue to make these films, create MORE music and fund the endeavor would be to tweet, facebook, instagram, WHATEVER it takes to let the world know this album exists and it’s rad. Not only will you get my undying appreciation, but I’M GONNA GIVE STUFF AWAY! That’s right, by using the hashtag “#GingerRunnerGRINDS” on twitter & instagram, you will be automatically entered to win some rad stuff coming up (including some new TrainRaceBeer buffs!!). THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Now, go grab the tunes, crank them in your headphones and get your grind on! Let me know what you think!

AMAZON has “Grinds” available for preorder now!

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