It is OFFICIAL!! I can finally announce the opening of my online store where I’ll be selling LIMITED EDITION Ginger Runner gear for the next few weeks (Until September 30th, 2012 at midnight). Over the last few months, I’ve been working with KotisDesign to make the highest quality, most cost effective “Train. Race. Beer.” gear ever. My goal was to make sure not only the materials were high quality and fit was perfect, but also the prices remained as low as possible for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit: and browse the limited edition gear
  2. Select the items you’d like to purchase
  3. Check-out using KotisDesign’s custom and secure online iBuy store
  4. wait a few weeks for the tshirts or singlets to ship, 8-10 weeks for the cycling jerseys ($5.95 flat shipping, with $1 for ea. additional item)
  5. Wear your brand new Limited Edition GingerRunner gear, take pictures, and watch your popularity grow exponentially!

Now, you might be asking, “Why Limited Edition??” Well, with this particular set-up, I am able to offer quality items like the Brooks Singlet and Cycling Jersey to you in the same store as American Apparel and Next Level tshirts. Other custom apparel companies won’t let you offer these types of quality items to customers without ordering a whole bunch (like, hundreds) up front, let alone in the same online transaction. Since I don’t want to use my home as a storage facility, you can now just order straight from Kotis and have the goods delivered to you. No middle-man! The downside to this system is that I have to reach minimums on the jersey’s and minimums on the tshirts/singlets AND the store will only be live for 15 days (all items print once the store minimums are met and the deadline is reached). So that’s where I need your help! Let’s sell 15 cycling jerseys, and 12 singlets & tshirts (total) by September 30th! EASY!

Here are your options:

The 2013 Ginger Runner Cycling Jersey
This thing is BADASS. Seriously. How could you NOT want one if you ride?? The text looks a little stretched here, but that is the 3D software used to align the graphics to the jersey model. The colors are bright (just how I like them) and you will be the talk of your crew (unless you ALL want wear them!!) ┬áListed at $68. Make sure you size correctly. I wear a medium which is tight in the right places, and enough movement in others (6′ tall, 185lbs when heavier).

Ginger Runner Cycling Jersey
The 2013 Ginger Runner Cycling Jersey

The 2013 Ginger Runner Running Tops
I love how these turned out. The pink and blue are BRIGHT so you’ll be guaranteed of getting noticed while you run. Not shown in this pic is the Brooks Singlet (my rec). The design is just a littler different on the back, but people will still know that you work your ass off for that beer! Printing on white kept the prices down as ink becomes more expensive when you have to print on darker garments. Prices range from $24-36. Make sure you size correctly.

Ginger Runner Custom Running Gear
The 2013 Ginger Runner Running Tops

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