Not released until April 1st, this watch is on my gimmie GIMMIE list. Why? Well, it has 3 things I desire in a distance tracking device: 1) The ability to track via GPS  2) An online community that doesn’t SUCK (ie Garmin)  3) Killer looks/UI design

nike+ sportswatch gps

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS looks to solve some major problems with todays GPS watch lineup. Unfortunately, it looks to have a number of shortcomings compared to it’s competition which I hope is reflected in it’s pricepoint (TBD). Right now you can get a decent GPS watch from Garmin, Timex, or other comparable brands for just over $100. The watch I currently use, The Garmin Forerunner 110, is around $180-240 depending on features and add-ons (heart-rate monitor). I like it becuase of it’s pinpoint GPS accuracy, ability to do intervals (new 2011 model), and track heart rate. But, as I point out above, it doesn’t have a fantastic online community – or ANY for that matter. I could get away with using DailyMile, but unfortunately Garmin hasn’t released the API on this watch so the DailyMile programmers can’t sync up your runs (thank god for THIS).

Nike seems to want to push it’s way into the GPS tracking market with this watch, and I welcome it with open arms. Not only is the design slick, intuitive, futuristic, and wearable, it will include my favorite feature, Nike+. My only concern is the lack of interval tracking or other sport specific training modes. It seems to only do one thing, track distance/location. This isn’t new and innovative by any means. In fact, these features are quite dated seeing as similar watches have been on the market for years. Will it accurately count calories & altitude change? Will it’s battery last longer than 4-8 hours of consecutive GPS use? Will it do anything current watches do not?

I just hope Nike makes this watch a MUST BUY by pricing it so competitively that other brands will have to follow suit just to keep their stake in the market. This price point for me would be in the $100-150 range. Any more than that, and I’ll start looking at IronMan watches, future Garmin watches, or a new car.

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