newton mv2
The Newton MV2

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to trying these shoes out since some sneaky images of them appeared online months and months ago. Well, the press release is out, the shoes are pre-orderable, and they start shipping next month.

Needless to say I’m pretty excited to try out a quality, extremely light, zero-drop shoe – especially with the Portland Marathon just around the corner (looking for a nice shiny PR!). Many of you know I’m a fan of Newtons and currently run in their lightweight trainers (video review coming soon), so this should be a fun review. Stay tuned!

From their press release:

Newton Running Debuts the MV2

Zero-drop, 5.8-ounce natural-running shoe encourages faster, more efficient gait

08.08.2011– (Boulder, CO) – This September, leading natural-running education and footwear brand Newton Running is launching the MV2, a super lightweight, zero-drop shoe that encourages a natural-running posture, provides protection and energy return. The 5.8-ounce MV2 (pronounced M V squared) offers a unique solution for runners who want to run faster, perform better and avoid injury by adopting a natural running stride, but not sacrifice protection.

“While all Newton Running shoes feature a low heel-to-toe ramp angle to support natural-running posture, the next logical addition to our line was a shoe that was completely parallel to the ground,” says Newton Running co-founder Danny Abshire. “The MV2 facilitates landing on your midfoot instead of the heel, which supports proper biomechanical alignment, faster turnover rate and greater running efficiency. This means you run faster with less effort.”

The MV2’s second-generation Action/Reaction Technology™ is the next evolution of Newton Running’s patented midsole technology. Five articulating lugs align with the foot’s five metatarsal heads. With each step, the low-profile lugs depress into a chamber and rebound quickly with the aid of a highly resilient membrane.

Therefore, unlike racing flats or minimalist shoes that employ a thin layer of midsole EVA foam, which dissipates energy and breaks down rapidly, the MV2’s Action/Reaction Technology™ provides long-lasting impact reduction without dampening responsiveness or proprioception.

The highly breathable mesh upper is reinforced with a durable microscreen to block out dirt and debris and transparent PU support strapping ensures a high-performance fit.

Included with every pair of the MV2 are instructions for adjusting to a zero-drop shoe.

The MV2 is available in men’s sizes 6 to 14 and women’s sizes 4.5 to 12 and will retail for $125. Pre-orders are available now at and will be in specialty retailers by mid-September 2011.

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