Guess what? I’m GOING TO THE 2013 BOSTON MARATHON! I honestly cannot believe it and am excited beyond belief. Here’s what’s up: Newton Running contacted me recently and proposed the idea of partnering up, travelling to the Boston Marathon, and creating cool video content for everyone to watch while we’re there. Wait, SAY WHA? They have been a fan of my videos for awhile (and I’m obviously a fan of their kicks) so they thought it would be a cool to bring along an “every runner” to document some behind the scenes action from one of the most prestigious marathon events on the planet. DUH, I said, “yes”.

So here’s what’s going to happen: On the Thursday before the Marathon (April 11th, 2013) I will leave LA and fly into Boston to meet up with my Newton cohorts. Over the next 5 days I will be creating videos, blogs, tweetin’ & instagramin’ like nobody’s business. I’m basically going as a total BM noob and trying to see/capture as much of the Boston Marathon spirit as possible. I will also be participating in a number of Newton sanctioned events and activities so stay tuned for that! Hell, I might even talk them into letting me GIVE SOME STUFF AWAY (no guarantees, but I’ll try)!! You’re going to want to follow me on all the social networks to get your chance to win! So that’s it for now. Be sure to subscribe to all my ish below and stay tuned for updates!!


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