It’s no secret how much I love the Brooks PureGrit 1. Despite that shoe having a major traction flaw, I still consider it one of my favorite trails shoes – especially for the dry socal trails I run on. When the PureGrit 2 was released, I was stoked to learn they almost certainly addressed all of our traction concerns. Unfortunately, that’s not all Brooks changed.

A stiff outsole, a hefty upper made of thick and stiff materials, a new lacing/tongue system, and an overall heavier shoe does not an improvement make. Despite putting almost 70 test miles in this shoe, I cannot say that it won me over. In fact, I purchased another pair of Pure Grit 1s just to satisfy my trail needs. I hope Brooks sees this review and perhaps takes my problems into consideration when working on the Pure Grit 3. Hell, why not start using the hashtag, “#FixTheGrit” to see if they actually listen to us!?

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  • Same fit as Pure Grit
  • New Traction


  • Tongue/Lacing
  • Upper thickness/stiffness
  • Outsole stiffness
  • Concave Outsole
  • Heavier

PRICE: 3/5
LOOKS: 3/5

TOTAL: 11/20

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