Well, it was a matter of time before I slipped my feet into the new Kinvara 4 from Saucony. After my love affair with the Kinvara 3 and the subsequent review (Watch the review HERE), I was hoping for 2 things: that I’d love the 4 more and that the shoe would be improved upon. Well, as it turns out, I love the shoe equally (not a bad thing) and the shoe has some improvements, but they don’t necessarily deem the shoe worthy of an upgrade.

Overall, I love the light, fast & flexible design of the Kinvara 4. It sticks true to it’s roots in that sense. Saucony does trim the heel cup a bit which cured the achilles-chaffing-issue they suffered with the 3, but they also reduced the flexfilm on the shoe’s forefoot upper which may have lead to some premature wear-through. They shoe doesn’t suffer from what most manufacturers do when they have a good thing and that’s ruin it. By no means is this shoe ruined from the 3. It’s a solid predecessor that should replace your Kinvara 3s as soon as they are worn out (or after you buy every last Kinvara 3 in your size for half the cost of the Kinvara 4).

For more info on the item, visit: runningshoes.com/saucony-kinvara

Watch the video above for my full review. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube.com channel HERE!  The Saucony Kinvara 4s were provided by RunningShoes.com for review. All opinions are my own.

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