First of all, this review is a little different than normal. StrideBox isn’t a product so much as it is a service that provides products. The idea – which has existed in other industries for awhile – is simple. The customer pays a monthly fee – in this case $15 – and is delivered a box of surprise goods each month. The question I wanted to determine was if the $15 box was worth the price and got you more bang for your buck. In short, yes. I valued the contents close to $20-22 OTC, so you do seem to get more for you dollar (not to mention the huge number of coupons and discount codes for ordering the included products online later which could save you countless dolla dolla bills).

What I like about StrideBox is the idea you will be surprised each month with a package (yay for fun deliveries!) of various running themed items. You won’t have any idea of what you’re getting until you open the box. You could get products you’ve used before and loved, hated or are indifferent to. You could also get new brands that you’ve never heard of and surprise you. Being familiar with other similar services, there is a high likelyhood that some months you’ll score some major loot – I even saw StrideBox tease at possibly including compression socks at some point!

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The Stridebox was provided by the manufacturer for review.

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