I’m pretty stoked that I finally get the chance to review Newton’s brand new 2012 Distance Lightweight Trainer. This is a fantastic shoe from Newton and betters an already dynamite shoe from the 2011 line. I train in this shoe; I race in this shoe; I party in this shoe. There are a handful of changes to the 2012 model – which I cover in the video. While most of the changes may seem minor on their own, as a combination, they contribute to the shoe being over half an ounce lighter than the previous model. Not bad!

If you are familier with Newton already, you’ll fit right in with this shoe and toe that startline ready for fast. If you are NEW to Newton, I’d recommend checking out the Sir Isaac (or Lady Isaac) or the Gravity first. This way you can perfect your gait before dawning the lighter Distance.

For more information, visit: NewtonRunning.com or follow them on twitter: @SirIsaac

*** UPDATE: In the video review above, I mention Newton’s sizing issue. Well, it looks like Newton has adjusted the sizing of their shoes so make sure you know what size you’re ordering. You may not have to size up anymore… ***


  • Light
  • Colors
  • Lugs
  • New Upper materials
  • Insole


  • Upper
  • Limited Colors
  • Sizing

PRICE: 3/5
LOOKS: 4/5

TOTAL: 15/20

These shoes were provided by Newton for review.

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