I really enjoy running in the Newton MV2 (“MV Squared”). This sucker is light and fast, exactly what it was designed to do. While I love it for anything from 5ks to 10ks (and it’s capable of MUCH more), I haven’t been able to wear it on anything longer than a half marathon without soreness. But that could be due to my weak, weak, ginger legs.

One of the major changes from other Newton shoes is the addition of a lug on the bottom. Now there are 5, each landing under the forefoot’s metatarsals. The shoe feels far more stable underfoot than previous interations, which can also be attributed to it’s lower profile and more minimal cushioning. If you are into forefoot or natural running, check this shoe out.

My only real problems have to do with the upper. I’m not a fan of the materials used – which is a similar problem I’ve had with other Newtons. I have a hard time running in these shoes without socks due to blisters. The lacing area, tongue and upper, are joined together with awkward seams which have caused irritation. That aside, tossing on a pair of thin socks does the trick.

Overall, I love the MV2s. I run fast and efficient wearing these. Take the time to adapt to the zero drop and you will love ’em too. As I get into more minimal zero-drop footwear, I’ll keep you posted on how the MV2s stack-up! Visit NewtonRunning.com and follow @SirIsaac for more information!

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  • Light
  • Zero Drop (w/ 3mm Lift)
  • Resilient to Wear
  • 5 Lugs


  • Lacing System
  • Materials
  • No Lug Cushioning
  • Looks

PRICE: 3/5
LOOKS: 3/5

TOTAL: 13/20

This pair was provided by Newton for review.

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