I’ve been rocking yurbuds headphones for years now and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to drop a review for them. Perhaps it’s the fact I have just considered them a consistent piece of my running arsenal so I don’t really have to think twice about them. Luckily the awesome folks at yurbuds sent me a few pairs to compare so I was able to review some of their newer products as well as help spread the love to the rest of the world.

Seriously, when it comes to sports headphones, I had horrible luck early on. I’ve tried all sorts of headphones: over-the-ear, ergonomic buds, custom fit, bluetooth, etc. None of them managed to work in my ears or feel comfortable in the long haul. Seriously, try having something stuck in your ears for 12 hours and tell me if it’s comfortable. I also have freakish ears, apparently, and yurbuds are the only comfortable solution for the long runs and races. These things ROCK. Not only do they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY, they are also cleanable and maintainable so you never really have to worry about buying another pair. Ever.

Watch the video above for my full review. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube.com channel HERE!  All yurbuds were provided by yurbuds. All opinions are my own.

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