1 long take, zero cuts, all hyperlapse.

On September 20th, 2014, I wanted to test some new equipment and see if I could run a continuous 10 miles filming the run. The goal was to create a timelapse film that I could potentially share. Now when I viewed, worked and studied the footage, I realized this is different than a timelapse in that the camera is constantly moving (as opposed to stationary, fixed – as in a car or on a tripod – or slightly dollied). By moving the camera on a consistent basis by hand and stabilizing the footage in post, I believe we have one of the longest distance hyperlapses created by foot.

Sit back, relax and let me do all the hard work of running 10+ miles with nearly 2000ft of elevation gain in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Music is BIXBY by me. Purchase and support here (also available across the web where digital music is sold): Ginger Runner BIXBY

If you would like to see the run, visit the strava activity: Strava Activity



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