The Ginger and JayMan

So I’m in Seattle for the improv festival staying with my best friend, Justin (JayMan), and his wife, Destiny. Today, JayMan and I managed to squeeze in a 5 miler together. What I love is that we’re both training for the Vancouver Marathon on May 1st – Full for me, half for JayMan. This was the first time we’ve run an entire run together at a fairly good pace! Training isn’t always easy to do on your own, but holding each other accountable, sharing training stories and tips, and pushing each other is a HUGE benefit of training with someone else.

We took advantage of the stellar Seattle weather today and ran some city streets. We were graced with clear skies, chilly temps and amazing mountain views. This is my favorite running weather. When it’s hot in LA, it’s so easy for me to suffer during runs. I don’t do well with heat.

I also love that my friends are getting into running, enjoying running, and succeeding at accomplishing their goals! This is the essence of! Way to go JayMan, now let’s rock Vancouver! If only MileLongLegs was here to join in our accomplishment (#Tonsillectomy).

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