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My Newtons Just Want Love!

I’m in New York for the YouTube NextUp program! Google and YouTube chose 25 up and coming partners to invest in by providing us with $35,000 and the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the top new media and online content creation specialists. It’s been freakin’ AMAZING.

We’ve had workshops, speakers, video collaborations, and special events this entire week. But MAN. All I want to do is get in a decent run. I leave my hotel at 8am in the morning (5am west coast time) to get to Google headquarters; work all day; get home at 10 at night; edit and work till 1 or 2; go to bed and repeat. I’ve never been one to make excuses for putting off running, but damn if i’m finding it difficult to get out there for a few hours. My attempt to use the hotel gym very late last night resulted in 2 broken treadmills and a saddened ginger sneakily returning to his room.

The good news is that I’ve scheduled a run this Sunday with someone I look up to in the running community (and fellow Newton shoe afficianado), IronBrandon. We may even be running in the Memorial Day Marathon (I’d do the half) just for shits and giggles! As long as I get some beer in me afterwards, I’m down.

I’ll just consider this week a ‘taper week’ as my shoes collect hotel dust. Man, I can’t wait to get back on my schedule! GINGER NEED RUN!! ARGH!

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