This morning, I was greeted with an email in my inbox that all runners and running bloggers love to get: “Newton Running 2014 Trainers Offer More Pop Than Ever!”  That’s right, there will be some huge improvements (that I am VERY excited about) trickling across the Newton shoe line. The main improvement is that of a FIFTH lug on the Speed and Mileage models (the Distance, Motion and Gravity shoes). HELL YES. As you can tell in my review of the EnergyNR, I loved the 5th lug and can’t wait to feel that stability utilizing the action/reaction technology of these models. Not only that, but they are getting rid of the stitching! Hope the interior is as comfy as I anticipate. I have included the full press-release below and included a pic or two. Enjoy the run porn and I’ll keep you posted when I get my hands on a pair!

2014 Newton Men’s Motion III Mileage Trainer

Newton Running 2014 Speed and Mileage Trainers Offer More Pop Than Ever

+ONE lug enhances the Newton Running experience

(Boulder, CO)—Newton Running, the leader in performance running shoes that promote the benefits of a more efficient gait, is introducing significant technological advancements in its spring 2014 product line. The Gravity III and Motion III Mileage Trainers and Distance III and Distance S III Speed Trainers feature the next evolution of Newton’s unique Action/Reaction forefoot technology with the addition of a fifth lug. The dynamic lugs align with the foot’s five metatarsal bones, thereby delivering more cushioning, greater responsiveness and a broader and more stable base underfoot.

“The fifth lug provides more ‘pop’, or the dynamic platform that gives Newton Running shoes their unique feel and ride,” says Newton Running President Craig Heisner. “POP is also an acronym for ‘point of power,’ which is the forefoot landing zone involved with a balanced and efficient run gait.”

Newton is also evolving its product architecture on the Motion III and Distance S III by offering a new Extended Medial Bridge (E.M.B), designed to provide a broader platform for added stability. Combined with a lightweight, laser-perforated micro-suede overlay on the upper, these two models provide runners with additional support under the arch without over-controlling the foot’s natural motion.

The new Mileage and Speed Trainers also debut major design changes that appear in all new Newton Running shoes throughout 2014. The changes include welded instead of stitched overlays, 360-degree reflectivity and subtle two-tone designs on the metatarsal stretch panels.The Gravity III and Motion III maintain a 3 mm drop from heel to toe, and the Distance III and Distance S III still have a 2 mm drop. This near-level platform supports a more balanced, natural posture, which is an essential component to efficient running.

Supporting the launch will be a +ONE in-store campaign and online training modules explaining the performance benefits of the five-lug technology.

The spring 2014 trainers will launch on February 15, 2014 at specialty running retailers nationwide and

2014 Newton Women’s Distance III Speed Trainer (I hope they make these in a size 13.5!!)

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